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Summary information on Parliamentary Government in South Australia

Parliament is the key institution in the system of representative government in the state of South Australia. It is the link between democratic elections and the formal machinery of state government, and the forum through which government is held accountable to the people of South Australia; see parliamentary system. Although the general role of parliament is clear, the structure and operation of parliament in South Australia has a number of distinctive features:

Parliamentary support for governments in the South Australian House of Assembly

This website has information on the South Australian House of Assembly and the pattern of support that governments have had in the Assembly since 1890. The information is summarized in the table and subject headings set out below:

Sources and references

The summary information on this page has been compiled from records in the Australian Politics and Elections Database at the University of Western Australia. The individual records for each general election and period in office in South Australia -- available through this website -- include sources and references.