ID 0079

State Government of Queensland beginning 19 November 1907 - period in office of Premier Philp, Robert ending on 18 February 1908

Period in office of premier (see Glossary entry for 'period in office' and related terms)

Philp, Robert
Date of beginning of period in office
19 November 1907
Date of end of period in office
18 February 1908 
Reason for end of preceding period in office
Defeat in parliament 
Reason for end of this government
Loss of general election
Number of days in office

Parliamentary support during period

Party affiliation of premier at start of period
If coalition government
Coalition partner 1
Coalition partner 2
Coalition partner 3
Coalition partner 4
Party support in parliament at beginning of period
If change in parliamentary support during period
If further change during period

Number of ministers at beginning of period (this may vary during the period)

Total number of ministers
Number from party of premier
Number from coalition party 1
Number from coalition party 2
Number from upper house
Number who are women

Assembly elections contested as premier or after which became premier (see Glossary entry for 'after election')

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Election Premier at election Premier's party Premier after election Premier's party
QLD 5 February 1908Robert PhilpMinisterialistsWilliam KidstonMinisterialists
QLD 11 March 1902Robert PhilpMinisterialistsRobert PhilpMinisterialists

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