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Parliament of Queensland, Legislative Assembly election

Election of 13 June 1998

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Queensland, Legislative Assembly votes and seats won

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Election held on 13 June 1998
Criteria for the inclusion of parties in this table are set out in the Glossary under 'listed party'

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Party Name First preference vote n First preference vote share % Change from previous election % Seats won n Uncontested seats held n Seat share %
Australian Labor Party  752,374  38.86  -4.04  44  49.44 
Pauline Hanson's One Nation Party  439,121  22.68  11  12.36 
Liberal Party  311,514  16.09  -6.65  10.11 
National Party  293,839  15.17  -11.08  23  25.84 
Greens  45,709  2.36  -0.51     
Independents  41,991  2.17  -1.30  2.25 
Votes for other than listed parties 51,792 2.67 +0.90       
Totals 1,936,340  100.00    89  100.00 

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* Party did not contest previous election or did not meet criteria for listing, or contested previous election under a different party name.


Government in office at election: After the Mundingburra by-election held on 3 February 1996 (to fill the seat for which no candidate had been declared elected at the previous general election because of the death of one of the candidates), the Goss government lost its majority support in the parliament. The leader of the National Party, Robert Borbidge, became Premier of a National/Liberal party coalition minority government.

References: For background to the election, see John Wanna, 'Queensland', Australian Journal of Politics and History, Australian Political Chronicle, January-June 1998, 44 (4) December 1998: 588-594, and for a description of the consequences, see John Wanna, 'Queensland', Australian Journal of Politics and History, Australian Political Chronicle, July December 1998, 45 (2) June 1999: 271-276.


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