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Parliament of New South Wales, Legislative Assembly election

Election of 14 February 1953

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New South Wales, Legislative Assembly votes and seats won

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Election held on 14 February 1953
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Party Name First preference vote n First preference vote share % Change from previous election % Seats won n Uncontested seats held n Seat share %
Australian Labor Party  852,276  55.03  +8.28  57  60.64 
Liberal Party  432,739  27.94  -9.57  22  23.40 
Country Party  179,680  11.60  14  14.89 
Independents  62,761  4.05  +1.04  1.06 
Communist Party  21,421  1.38  +0.50     
Votes for other than listed parties 0 0.00 0.00       
Totals 1,548,877  100.00    94  13  100.00 

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* Party did not contest previous election or did not meet criteria for listing, or contested previous election under a different party name.


Premier in office at election: There had been a change of Premier since the previous election; on 3 April 1952 ' ailing and discredited James McGirr resigned as Premier.... Caucus elected John Joseph Cahill as his successor', Clune, '1953', pp. 299 (see 'Reference', below). Cahill became premier of a minority Labor government with the continuing support of the two Independent Labor Party members; see Clune, '1953', pp. 303-304 (see 'Reference', below).

Premier after election: Cahill led the Australian Labor Party to a resounding victory with a clear majority of votes and almost two thirds of the seats.

Reference: For a comprehensive survey of this election and the preceding period, see David Clune, '1953', in Michael Hogan and David Clune (editors), The People's Choice: Electoral Politics in 20th Century New South Wales, vol. 2 (1930 to 1965), pp. 297-322, (Sydney: Parliament of New South Wales and University of Sydney, 2001, ISBN 0909907404).


Colin A Hughes and B D Graham, A Handbook of Australian Government and Politics 1890-1964, pp. 423-460, (Canberra: Australian National University Press, 1968, SBN 708102700); New South Wales, Parliament, The New South Wales Parliamentary Record: Legislative Council and Legislative Assembly, 1824-1999, vol. VI, pp. 7-15, (Sydney: Parliament of New South Wales, 1999).