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Commonwealth Parliament, House of Representatives election in New South Wales

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Election of 10 December 1955

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House of Representatives votes and seats won in New South Wales

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Election held on 10 December 1955
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Party Name First preference vote n First preference vote share % Change from previous election % Seats won n Uncontested seats held n Seat share %
Australian Labor Party  836,592  49.56  -2.74  21  45.65 
Liberal Party  652,167  38.64  +3.54  17  36.96 
Country Party  145,567  8.62  +0.33  17.39 
Independents  22,384  1.33  -1.21     
Votes for other than listed parties 31,192 1.85 +0.09       
Totals 1,687,902  100.00    46  100.00 

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Although the book deals with political competition in a single electoral region, information on the 1955 general election for the House of Representatives and its context can be found in D W Rawson and Susan M Holtzinger, Politics in Eden-Monaro: The Personalities and the Campaigns, London: Heinemann, 1958.