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Parliament of Western Australia, Legislative Assembly election

Election of 21 October 1914

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Western Australia, Legislative Assembly votes and seats won

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Election held on 21 October 1914
Criteria for the inclusion of parties in this table are set out in the Glossary under 'listed party'

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Party Name First preference vote n First preference vote share % Change from previous election % Seats won n Uncontested seats held n Seat share %
Liberal Party   41,929  43.91  -0.89  16  32.00 
Australian Labor Party  40,205  42.11  -10.43  26  12  52.00 
Country Party  13,344  13.98  16.00 
Votes for other than listed parties 0 0.00 0.00       
Totals 95,478  100.00    50  14  100.00 

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* Party did not contest previous election or did not meet criteria for listing, or contested previous election under a different party name.


Election dates: Elections were held over the period from 21 October to 11 November 1914; for details of polling dates, see Black, Election Statistics, pp. xv-xvii, (see 'Sources', below) [note error in omission of first date for 1914].

Premier in office at election: Scaddan was Premier of an Australian Labor Party majority government when this election (1914) for the Legislative Assembly was called. The Scaddan government was returned but with its majority in the Assembly reduced to two members.

Australian Labor Party: For a study of the Labor Party during this period, see H J Gibney, 'Western Australia', in D J Murphy (editor), Labor in Politics: The State Labor Parties in Australia 1880-1920, pp 343-385, (St Lucia, Qld: University of Queensland Press, 1975, ISBN 0702209392), and note Ralph Pervan and Douglas Mitchell, 'The Changing Nature of the Australian Labor Party', in Ralph Pervan and Campbell Sharman (editors), Essays on Western Australian Politics, pp 129-158, (Perth: University of Western Australia Press, 1979, ISBN 0855641495).

Liberal Party: For a study of the Liberal Party in this period, see David Black, 'The Liberal Party and its Predecessors', in Ralph Pervan and Campbell Sharman (editors), Essays on Western Australian Politics, pp 191-232, at pp 195-201 (Perth: University of Western Australia Press, 1979, ISBN 0855641495), and note David Black, 'Party Politics in Turmoil, 1911-1924', in C T Stannage (editor), A New History of Western Australia, pp 381-405, (Perth: University of Western Australia Press, 1981, ISBN 0855641819).

Country Party: 'The decision of the FSA [Western Australian Farmers and Settlers Association] to form a third political party was taken in 1913 and grew out of the belief among farmers that their interests were neglected by both the existing parties, Labor and Liberal', Lenore Layman, 'The Country Party: Rise and Decline', in Ralph Pervan and Campbell Sharman (editors), Essays on Western Australian Politics, pp 159-190, at p. 159 (Perth: University of Western Australia Press, 1979, ISBN 0855641495); for a survey and analysis of the rise of country parties across Australia, see B D Graham, The Formation of the Australian Country Parties, (Canberra: Australian National University Press, 1966).

References: For a study of the context of Western Australian parliamentary and electoral politics in this period, see David Black, 'Factionalism and Stability, 1911-1947', in David Black (editor), The House on the Hill: A History of the Parliament of Western Australia 1832-1990, pp 97-151, (Perth: Western Australian Parliamentary History Project, Parliament of Western Australia, 1991, ISBN 0730939839).


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