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Parliament of Western Australia Legislative Council election

Election of 29 June 1897

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Election for the Legislative Council
Western Australia
Date of election
29 June 1897
Type of Legislative Council election
First periodic election for North-East Province
Related or previous Assembly election

Government support in Legislative Council at and after election

Government majority in Legislative Council at date of election
Government majority in new Legislative Council

Composition of the Legislative Council and seats to be filled at this election

Total number of seats in the Legislative Council
If the Legislative Council has staggered terms, the number of seats to be filled at this election
Casual vacancies (by-elections) and additional seats to be filled at this election (see notes)
Total seats to be filled at this election

Enrolment and voting

Total number of voters on the roll
No data available
Number of uncontested seats
If uncontested seats, number of voters on the roll in uncontested seats
Not applicable
Number of voters on the roll in contested seats
No data available
Total number of candidates
Total ballots cast (may differ from number of votes in multiple voting systems)
Turnout (rate of voting in contested seats)
See notes
Total valid votes
Rate of informal (invalid) voting
Not applicable
Informal (invalid) ballots in multiple voting system
Electoral system
Male property franchise; plural voting permitted; first past the post (plurality) voting; 8 multimember districts with staggered six year fixed terms (see notes)

Western Australia, Legislative Council votes and seats won, and seats held

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Elections held in 29 June 1897
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Party Name Candidates n First preference vote n First preference vote share % Change from previous election % Seats won by party n Seats won by party % Uncontested seats at this election n Seats held by party n Seats held by party %
Independents (no disciplined party groupings)  1,071  100.00  0.00  100.00    24  100.00 
Totals 1,071  100.00    100.00    24  100.00 

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First election for North-East Province: The Constitution Act Amendment Act of 1896 had increased the membership of the Legislative Council to 24 with the addition of an eighth three-member electoral district, North-East Province. This election was to elect members from this new province.

Members of the Legislative Council had staggered six year fixed terms, one of the three members from each province retiring every two years. For this first election for the North-East Province, all three members were chosen at the same time; the three elected members '... were to vacate their seats on 21 May 1902, 1900, and 1898 in the order of their election', Black, p.4 (see 'Sources', below).

For details of the history, franchise, and electoral system of the Legislative Council, see the notes for the 1894 Legislative Council elections.

Missing information for this election: No information is available on enrolment or informal (invalid) voting for this election.


Information for this election was taken from David Black, Legislative Council of Western Australia: Membership Register, Electoral Law and Statistics 1890-1989, (Perth: Western Australian Parliamentary History Project, 1989, revised 1991, ISBN 0730936414).