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Parliament of New South Wales, Legislative Assembly election

Election of 24 March 2007

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New South Wales, Legislative Assembly votes and seats won

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Election held on 24 March 2007
Criteria for the inclusion of parties in this table are set out in the Glossary under 'listed party'

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Party Name First preference vote n First preference vote share % Change from previous election % Seats won n Uncontested seats held n Seat share %
Australian Labor Party  1,535,860  38.98  -3.70  52  55.91 
Liberal Party  1,061,269  26.94  +2.21  22  23.66 
National Party  396,023  10.05  +0.42  13  13.98 
Independents  361,866  9.18  +0.99  6.45 
Greens  352,805  8.95  +0.70     
Christian Democratic Party  97,419  2.47  +0.75     
Australians Against Further Immigration  59,588  1.51  +0.61     
Unity Party  43,292  1.10  -0.20     
Australian Democrats  21,099  0.54  -0.39     
Fishing Party  6,509  0.17  +0.10     
Outdoor Recreation Party  1,567  0.04     
Save Our Suburbs  1,420  0.04  -0.16     
Socialist Alliance  1,257  0.03  -0.06     
Votes for other than listed parties 0 0.00 0.00       
Totals 3,939,974  100.00    93  100.00 

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* Party did not contest previous election or did not meet criteria for listing, or contested previous election under a different party name.


Premier in office at election: There had been a change of Premier since the previous election; after ten years in office Carr resigned and, as the only candidate, Iemma was chosen by the Labor caucus to be the leader of the party. Iemma was commissioned on 2 August 2005 as Premier of an Australian Labor Party majority government.

Australian Labor Party and Country Labor: Australian Labor Party candidates in 13 electoral districts outside Sydney, Newcastle and Wollongong used the campaign label 'Country Labor', but Country Labor had no separate organization and successful Country Labor candidates sat as members of the Australian Labor Party in the Legislative Assembly; for votes and seats won by Country Labor candidates, see 'Sources', below.

Independents and minor parties: At this election, there were 78 Independent candidates 6 of whom were elected. The voting figures for Independents includes 11,586 votes for 8 unaffiliated candidates, none of whom was elected. There were 67 candidates from 5 unlisted minor parties; for details, see Green, in 'Sources' below.

References: For a comprehensive review of this election and the preceding period, see David Clune, ''Morris' Minor Miracle': The March 2007 NSW Election', Australian Parliamentary Review, 22(2) Spring 2007: 195-211. For the context of this election and its aftermath, note David Clune and Rodney Smith (editors), From Carr to Keneally: Labor in Office in NSW 1995-2011, (Sydney: Allen & Unwin, 2012, ISBN 9781742376639). Note also, Benjamin Spiers-Butcher, 'The New South Wales Election of 24 March 2007: Explaining the Re-election of an Unpopular Government', Australian Journal of Political Science, 42 (4) December 2007: 693-699.

A comprehensive study of the Legislative Assembly's history and operation can be found in David Clune and Gareth Griffith, Decision and Deliberation: The Parliament of New South Wales 1856-2003, (Sydney: Federation Press, 2006, ISBN 186287591X), and see also, Anne Twomey, The Constitution of New South Wales, (Sydney: Federation Press, 2004, ISBN 1862875162). For a study of minor parties and groups contesting previous New South Wales elections, see Smith, Against the Machines: Minor Parties and Independents in New South Wales 1910-2006, (Sydney: Federation Press, 2006, ISBN 9781862876231).


Antony Green, 2007 New South Wales Election: Final Analysis, (Sydney: New South Wales Parliamentary Library Research Service, Background Paper No. 1/08, 2008, ISSN 1325-5142, ISBN 97818315), and the New South Wales Electoral Commission website here [Accessed 3 August 2015].