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Parliament of New South Wales, Legislative Assembly election

Election of 22 March 2003

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New South Wales, Legislative Assembly votes and seats won

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Election held on 22 March 2003
Criteria for the inclusion of parties in this table are set out in the Glossary under 'listed party'

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Party Name First preference vote n First preference vote share % Change from previous election % Seats won n Uncontested seats held n Seat share %
Australian Labor Party  1,631,018  42.68  +0.47  55  59.14 
Liberal Party  944,888  24.72  -0.10  20  21.51 
National Party  368,004  9.63  +0.76  12  12.90 
Greens  315,370  8.25  +4.37     
Independents  313,106  8.19  +3.09  6.45 
Christian Democratic Party  65,973  1.73  +0.23     
Unity Party  49,597  1.30  +0.24     
One Nation NSW  48,846  1.28     
Australian Democrats  35,477  0.93  -2.40     
Australians Against Further Immigration  34,602  0.91  -0.02     
Save Our Suburbs  7,664  0.20     
Socialist Alliance  3,461  0.09     
Fishing Party  2,422  0.06     
Reform the Legal System  1,008  0.03     
Horse Riders Party  368  0.01     
Votes for other than listed parties 0 0.00 0.00       
Totals 3,821,804  100.00    93  100.00 

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* Party did not contest previous election or did not meet criteria for listing, or contested previous election under a different party name.


Supplementary election: The figures shown for this election include the results for the electoral district of Londonderry, where a supplementary election was conducted on 31 May 2003 to fill the position left vacant as a result of the death of the sitting MLA and Labor candidate Jim Anderson on the day of the election; see Smith, p. 553 (see 'Reference', below) and Green, p. 3 (see 'Sources', below).

Australian Labor Party and Country Labor: Australian Labor Party candidates in electoral districts outside Sydney, Newcastle and Wollongong used the campaign label 'Country Labor', but Country Labor had no separate organization and successful Country Labor candidates sat as members of the Australian Labor Party in the Legislative Assembly; for votes and seats won by Country Labor candidates, see Green, p. 3 (see 'Sources', below).

One Nation: Pauline Hanson's One Nation Party which endorsed candidates for the 1999 New South Wales Legislative Assembly election, was reorganized and changed its name to One Nation for the 2003 election; it gained 7.53 percent of the vote in 1999, but only 1.28 percent in 2003; see Smith, p. 554 (see 'Reference', below).

Independents and minor parties: At this election, there were 97 Independent candidates (including 2 nonaffiliated candidates), 6 of whom were elected, and 174 candidates from 8 unlisted minor parties; see Smith, pp. 554, 556. (see 'Reference', below), and Green, p. 3 (see 'Sources', below).

Reference: For a survey of this election, see Rodney Smith, 'The New South Wales Election of 22 March 2003', Australian Journal of Political Science, 38 (3) November 2003: 549-556.


Antony Green, 2003 New South Wales Election -- Final Analysis, (Sydney: New South Wales Parliamentary Library Research Service, Background Paper No. 6/03, 2003, ISSN 1325-5142, ISBN 0731317432) online here [accessed 3 August 2015].