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Parliament of New South Wales, Assembly election

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General election for the Assembly New South Wales 
Date of election (or first day of voting at elections held over more than one day) 8 October 1927

Government in office and parliamentary support before and after the election

Government in office at election

Premier in office at date of election. (check notes to see if change of Premier since previous election) John Thomas Lang
Premier's party affiliation Australian Labor Party 
Assembly support for government at election Majority 
If coalition, coalition partner(s)  

Government in office after election

Premier in office after election. Thomas Rainsford Bavin
Premier's party affiliation Nationalist Party
Assembly support for government after election Coalition  
If coalition, coalition partner(s) Country Party  

Enrolment and voting

Total number of voters on the roll 1,409,493 
Number of Assembly seats 90 
Number of uncontested seats
If uncontested seats, number of voters on the roll in uncontested seats 15,239 
Number of voters on the roll in contested seats 1,394,254 
Total ballots cast (may differ from number of votes in multiple voting systems) 1,150,772 
Turnout (rate of voting in contested seats) 82.54% 
Total valid votes 1,135,681 
Rate of informal (invalid) voting 1.31%
Informal (invalid) ballots in multiple voting system Not applicable
Electoral system Universal franchise at 21 years; single member districts; contingent voting (a variant of preferential voting, AV), optional preferences (see notes) 


New South Wales, Assembly votes and seats won

Election held on 8 October 1927
Criteria for the inclusion of parties in this table are set out in the Glossary under 'listed party'

Party Name First preference vote n First preference vote share % Change from previous election % Seats won n Uncontested seats held n Seat share %
Australian Labor Party 488,306  43.00  -3.19     40  44.44 
Nationalist Party (Nationalists) 437,050  38.48  +0.56     33  36.67 
Country Party 100,963  8.89  *     13  14.44 
Independents 42,271  3.72  -0.31        
Independent Nationalist Party 30,061  2.65  *     2.22 
Independent Labor 29,766  2.62  *     2.22 
Protestant Independent Labor Party 7,264  0.64  *        
Votes for other than listed parties 0.00  -0.16          
Totals 1,135,681  100.00    90  100.00 

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* Party did not contest previous election or did not meet criteria for listing, or contested previous election under a different party name.


Electoral system: The Lang Labor government had changed the elected system from proportional representation by the single transferable vote system (PR-STV) with multimember electoral districts, to a preferential system of contingent voting using single member districts with optional preferences. For a description and discussion of contingent, see David M Farrell and Ian McAllister, The Australian Electoral System: Origins, Variations and Consequences, pp 25, 52-54 (Sydney: University of New South Wales Press, 2006, ISBN 0868408581).

The government had wanted a first past the post (plurality) system (SMP), but had been forced to adopt a preferential system by the upper house of the New South Wales parliament, the Legislative Council; for details of the adoption of the new electoral system and its consequences, see Cosgrove, '1927', pp. 334-339, 366-367 (see 'Reference', below).

Country Party: Shortly after the 1925 election, the then leader of the Progressive Party, Bruxner, presided over the change of name of the party to the Country Party. Bruxner resigned from the party for personal reasons later in 1925, and the Country Party was led by Buttenshaw at the 1927 election; for details, see Cosgrove, '1927', pp. 353-354 (see 'Reference', below) and note Don Aitkin, The Country Party of New South Wales: A Study of Organisation and Survival, (Canberra: Australian National University Press, 1972, ISBN 0708100333).

Reference: For a comprehensive survey of this election and the preceding period, see Kevin Cosgrove, '1927', in Michael Hogan and David Clune (editors), The People's Choice: Electoral Politics in 20th Century New South Wales, vol. 1 (1901 to 1927), pp. 325-370, (Sydney: Parliament of New South Wales and University of Sydney, 2001, ISBN 0909907390).


Colin A Hughes and B D Graham, A Handbook of Australian Government and Politics 1890-1964, pp. 423-460, (Canberra: Australian National University Press, 1968, SBN 708102700); New South Wales, Parliament, The New South Wales Parliamentary Record: Legislative Council and Legislative Assembly, 1824-1999, vol. VI, pp. 7-15, (Sydney: Parliament of New South Wales, 1999).